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Stream Implementation

By default, meiosis-setup uses its simple-stream implementation. If you are curious, see here for the source code.

You can use a different stream implementation. The following two stream libraries work out-of-the-box:

Use the stream property to specify the stream implementation that you want to use:

// Using Flyd
import flyd from 'flyd'

const cells = setup({ stream: flyd });
// Using Mithril Stream
import Stream from 'mithril/stream';

const cells = setup({ stream: Stream });

Using Simple Stream

In your project, you can use the simple stream implementation that comes with meiosis-setup by importing it:

import { simpleStream } from 'meiosis-setup/simple-stream';

Then you can use and simpleStream.scan():

Nested Components ⬆ Contents Utilities

Meiosis is developed by foxdonut (Twitter / GitHub) and is released under the MIT license.