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03 - Update Model

In the previous lesson, 02 - View Function, we created a view function that produces the vnode according to the model that is passed to the function.

So, we can call view(model) and render it onto the page. Now, how do we make a change to the model and refresh the view?

Our model is a counter that has a value of 0. Let's add a button to increase the counter.

DOM Event Handler Functions

We can add a +1 button with this code:

m("button", { onclick: increase }, "+1")

It is important to remember that what we associate to onclick must be a function. This function will automatically be called when the user clicks on the button, and the function gets passed a DOM event as a parameter. Here, the function is increase:

var increase = function(_event) {
  model = model + 1;
  m.render(element, view(model));

Note: the increase function does not need to do anything with the DOM event. So, increase could have been a function with no parameters. For clarity, I included the event parameter in the function declaration, prefixed with an underscore to indicate that the parameter is not used.

Updating the Model and Re-rendering the View

As you can see in the code above, the increase function updates the model by adding 1 to the value. Then, it re-renders the view by calling m.render again.

The onclick Function

Note: you might wonder about rebuilding the whole view and re-rendering it when something changes. Generally speaking, producing a vnode is not a performance concern. Further, re-rendering the view is what virtual-DOM libraries are good at: figuring out what minimal changes are needed to make the real DOM reflect the view.

You can see the working code below:


  1. As in the previous lesson, try passing in an object such as { label: "The Counter", value: 0 } as the model. Change the view function so that it uses the model to produce the view, and change the increase function so that it increases the model value.
  2. Add a -1 button that decreases the value by 1.


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